Solve puzzles by moving the world instead of the player, while shooting at dangerous enemies. Can you beat all 13 levels?

Kenney Jam 2019 Submission
Theme: 'Unlikely combinations'

Install instructions

Play in your browser, or:
1) Unpack the zip file.
2) Run the game.


Windows 23 MB
Linux 28 MB
Mac 26 MB
Source Code


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Good work!

A puzzle game where you must find a way to complete every stage with the resources that you have.

Some levels seems imposibles at first sight, but if you have pacience, you can find the Achiles Wheel.

As a suggestion, the advice that you can pause the game with the "Scape" key must show before. In the level of he box that have destroy with a bullet, I fail the shot and I got stuck.

I din't know that I can restart the game with Scape, and finally restart the game.

Ah okay good to know, I did not think about that. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!