Your goal is to go viral by collecting positive social media posts and ignoring negative ones to get all those internet points. You collect posts by dragging your players across the screen, your players are connected to each other so you have to be quick.

Extra Credits Game Jam 4 Submission
Theme: 'Connect'

Install instructions

Play in your browser, or:
1) Unpack the zip file.
2) Run the game.


Windows 27 MB
Linux 55 MB
Mac OS X 28 MB
Source Code


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Wasn't too bad, the control of the "player" was interesting, haven't thought to do that before. The upgrades are a little slow for an incremental game. I think that if the game moved quicker, it'd be more engaging. Definitely a solid start!

Thanks for the feedback, it is really helpful. (: I agree that the upgrades are a bit slow/boring, it was kind of an afterthought since I realised you could do nothing with the gained points.