The goal is to make your Wyvern as long as possible by killing other Wyverns and eating their meat. But watch out, other Wyverns are trying to do the same. If your tail gets hit it gets destroyed up to that point; don't lose your head. You can make your Wyvern a lot stronger by getting achievements.

Weekly Game Jam 98 Submission.
Theme: 'Tame a Dragon'

Install instructions

Play in your browser, or:
1) Unpack the zip file.
2) Run the exe executable.


Wyvern Warfare 29 MB
Source Code


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Nice! A hard game, but the achievements are a fun way to build up your avatar. Definitely had a "one more try" appeal.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! What did you think of the movement controls? I usually like snappy movement, but I felt like movement felt pretty slow in this game, so I'd like to know what you think. (:

The movement definitely felt slow. It could be frustrating at times to circle around enemies and attack. However, that seemed to be intentional and certainly added to the challenge. I never quite felt the controls were unfair or anything, I just needed to get better! The achievement power-ups also helped as time went on.